Project description

What CURSOR is about…

Youth unemployment in the EU in March 2018 stood at 15.6% or 3.6 million young people. In the partner countries participating in this project the rate varies; 22.8% in Cyprus; 16.8% in Romania; 13.8% in Poland; 12.5% in Ireland (Eurostat). Addressing youth unemployment remains one of the main priorities of the EU to ensure that young Europeans can fulfil their potential and play a full and active part in today’s dynamic economy.

Career planning skills are increasingly regarded as essential skills for work and for life. In today’s ever-changing labour market, it is conceivable that the average worker will change career paths on up to 7 occasions during their working life. The partners involved in the CURSOR project believe that it is time for a completely new approach to support the development of career planning skills among young people both unemployed and employed.

CURSOR will provide a completely new career planning framework where young Europeans are supported to acquire and develop the necessary skills to plan their own career progression pathway and to retain those skills for use throughout their active working life. CURSOR proposes the modernization of career planning to reflect the reality of the European employment marketplace where a change in one’s career pathway can be a frequent occurrence.

To ensure that the career planning materials developed are widely used and accessible project partners will harness the full potential of digital technologies for developing, producing and presenting the career planning framework. The proposed tools and resources will be freely available to all key service providers working in the youth development and career planning fields to support the active participation of young people in the labour market and the reduction of the high rates of youth unemployment that currently pertain throughout Europe.