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You can even get a certificate after finishing each step.

The CURSOR project will develop a suite of 24 career planning resources that address 4 specific themes, namely

 SELF: Understanding your personality, interests and values;

 STRENGTHS: Know how to use your talents and personal qualities;

 HORIZONS: Visualise yourself in the world of work, training and learning;

 NETWORKS: Identify who can support you finding opportunities for education and work.

This suite of training materials will comprise 12 introductory and 12 advanced resources; 3 resources per theme, per level. Each learning resource will be produced in an appropriate media-rich format to support learning in a variety of different learning environments. An assessment tool for each resource will be incorporated into its design. Each tool will be available in English, Greek, Polish and Romanian.

To support youth professionals to use these new career planning resources CURSOR partners will also develop a bespoke in-service training programme. The emphasis of this in-service training will be to ensure that youth professionals and other potential intermediaries are confident working in online and blended learning environments to support the career planning needs of young people. All career planning resources and in-service training resources will be available and accessible on a dedicated CURSOR e-learning platform.


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