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What CURSOR is about…

Youth unemployment in the EU in March 2018 stood at 15.6% or 3.6 million young people. In the partner countries participating in this project the rate varies; 22.8% in Cyprus; 16.8% in Romania; 13.8% in Poland; 12.5% in Ireland (Eurostat). Addressing youth unemployment remains one of the main priorities of the EU to ensure that young Europeans can fulfil their potential and play a full and active part in today’s dynamic economy.

Career planning skills are increasingly regarded as essential skills for work and for life. In today’s ever-changing labour market, it is conceivable that the average worker will change career paths on up to 7 occasions during their working life. The partners involved in the CURSOR project believe that it is time for a completely new approach to support the development of career planning skills among young people both unemployed and employed.

CURSOR will provide a completely new career planning framework where young Europeans are supported to acquire and develop the necessary skills to plan their own career progression pathway and to retain those skills for use throughout their active working life. CURSOR proposes the modernization of career planning to reflect the reality of the European employment marketplace where a change in one’s career pathway can be a frequent occurrence.

To ensure that the career planning materials developed are widely used and accessible project partners will harness the full potential of digital technologies for developing, producing and presenting the career planning framework. The proposed tools and resources will be freely available to all key service providers working in the youth development and career planning fields to support the active participation of young people in the labour market and the reduction of the high rates of youth unemployment that currently pertain throughout Europe.

What CURSOR does…

In partner countries the current career support model is based on the concept of career guidance as a service. The provision of career guidance is generally confined to formal education or job seeking services. However, given the dynamic nature of the modern economy it is impractical to provide the current level of service on an ongoing basis throughout the active working life of an individual. The CURSOR project proposes to address the issue of career planning as a subject to be taught rather than as a service to be provided and will focus on building the career planning skills of young people to ensure that they are self-sufficient where career planning is concerned and able to plot and manage their own career progression pathway and update it as required throughout their working life.

What CURSOR will achieve…

Over the 24-month project lifecycle, project partners will work together to produce 4 outputs, namely:

1. An In-service Training Needs Analysis Report

2. An In-service Training Programme Handbook

3. A Suite of Career Planning Resources

4. An E-learning Portal






Who CURSOR is…

The CURSOR consortium comprises 4 partners representing Cyprus, Ireland, Poland and Romania.


 Cyprus Organisation for Sustainable Education and Active Learning – SEAL CYPRUS – Cyprus

SEAL CYPRUS is a non-profit organisation based in Nicosia, the ethnically divided capital of Cyprus. Οur members are from both ethnic groups. Our activities include volunteer actions in social issues, cultural events, and educational programs. We are experienced in working with participatory methods and techniques of non- formal education. We use a wide range of innovative interactive educational methods to provide open and distance learning, non- formal education, e-learning and on the job training. We are working with individuals, non-profit organisations, and public sector entities




 Universitatea Din Pitesti – UPIT – Romania

University of Piteşti (UPIT) has over 10.000 students, 500 staffs and 6 faculties (www.upit.ro). UPIT areas: education/training; scientific/applicative research; guidance/counselling; professional orientation; international cooperation; publishing.Its staffs are accredited and have experience in EU projects. UPIT has specialised departments: Training Center, Teaching Staff Training Department, Centre for Sustainable Development Projects, International Cooperation Center, Research Centers, Centre of Higher Education Quality Assurance, Publishing House, etc.UPIT is member of European Universities Association (EUA), Danube Rectors’ Conference (DRC), Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (EfVET), European Distance and E-Learning Network (EDEN).www.upit.ro


 Tomorrow Sp. z.o.o. – Poland

Since 2008, Tomorrow links technology and innovation to provide their clients with unique multimedia solutions. Our experts craft bespoke solutions fit to the needs and high expectations of the market and users.
Our company owns proprietary, well-tested technology, based on international standards, allowing us to create virtual environments, mobile apps, entire platforms or training simulators, used in business, industry, IT environments as well as education and culture. Tomorrow actively uses „gamification” systems – that is, introducing techniques and design typical for games in different contexts.
Tomorrow’s clients include Poland’s largest organizations (500+), including financial organizations (banks, insurance companies), universities and NGOs, or state and local authorities.www.tomorrow.pro


 Future In Perspective Limited – FIP – Ireland

Future In Perspective Limited is a private company working in the field of vocational training, adult education, youth development, e-learning, digital media and social inclusion. The company focuses its work in 6 main areas, namely; conducting research and analysis in the fields of education and business development; developing continuous professional development training resources for front-line youth workers, VET and adult education professionals; developing training to support workplace learning; designing evaluation and quality assurance frameworks; multi-media design and developing media rich learning resources; developing branding concepts and promotional campaigns for community and voluntary education providers to re-engage reluctant learners.www.fipl.eu




An e-learning portal to help you manage your career!
You can even get a certificate after finishing each step.

The CURSOR project will develop a suite of 24 career planning resources that address 4 specific themes, namely

 SELF: Understanding your personality, interests and values;

 STRENGTHS: Know how to use your talents and personal qualities;

 HORIZONS: Visualise yourself in the world of work, training and learning;

 NETWORKS: Identify who can support you finding opportunities for education and work.

This suite of training materials will comprise 12 introductory and 12 advanced resources; 3 resources per theme, per level. Each learning resource will be produced in an appropriate media-rich format to support learning in a variety of different learning environments. An assessment tool for each resource will be incorporated into its design. Each tool will be available in English, Greek, Polish and Romanian.

To support youth professionals to use these new career planning resources CURSOR partners will also develop a bespoke in-service training programme. The emphasis of this in-service training will be to ensure that youth professionals and other potential intermediaries are confident working in online and blended learning environments to support the career planning needs of young people. All career planning resources and in-service training resources will be available and accessible on a dedicated CURSOR e-learning platform.


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How to get connected with CURSOR…

If you would like to join the stakeholder forum in your local area, please contact the partner in your home country.
If you are a youth professional and you are interested in supporting the development of the CURSOR training materials, please contact the partner in your home country.
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